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Having them in the same project: Right brain vs Left brain People

A Right Brain Creative's Trial with the Engineering Giant's Magnificent Left Brains: A short insight for project managers who bring together right and left brained people.

I was in the project team and visual management for the creation of 5 international engineering brands belonging to SARES society. We designed 5 brands like ISSA, ISATECH, ISEAS, ISUDEF, IJAST, each specialized in its own niche. As a creative and flexible right-brain person, we successfully navigated through many creative crises while collaborating with left-brain professionals working in the world's largest engineering firms and schools. Let's take a look at a few of them together for a brief insight for project managers who bring together right and left brain people in multinational work.

Especially when working creatively with engineering firms, always keep in mind that you are dealing with ultra left-brain activated people. The more flexible and changeable we creatives are, the more prescriptive and fixed-minded left-brain-oriented engineering people can be. Just as flexibility is one of our strengths, being prescriptive and rigid is one of the strengths of left-brain people.

It is important that both sides listen and try to understand each other as the creative project takes shape. Left-brain professionals may need to force themselves to be a little more flexible when working with creative right-brains. Right-brain creatives, on the other hand, are strongly encouraged to follow the rules and regulations as much as they can, and to relax the rule-loving members. At the end of the day, when we are building a project, we are all in the same boat, we are all specialized professionals trying to find the best route.

We designed the 5 amazing multinational brands you see in the image for the prestigious SARES society. We worked closely with the multinational engineers in the team. And with each brand, we were all satisfied with the result. With each new job, we got to know each other better and learned to enjoy the creative process together.

Our collaborations with reputable SARES society continue to this day. Pelin Karakoç-the Designer

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